Monday, May 6, 2013

The Moral Difficulty of Going on Welfare

Kerry Lutz interviewed me today and he hit on a very important psychological and philosophical facet of life many Americans are facing today, specifically, should you collect government assistance.

I have caught much flak for this, especially in the review of my book.  Matter of fact, if you were to take away all the reviews that lambast me for my suggestion you collect as much government money as possible, Enjoy the Decline would have a near-perfect 5 star rating.  However, this addresses the crux of the situation.

Should you collect government assistance?

The only argument I can portend is that if you can, then hell yes.

The issue is no longer one of morality or independence, but practicality and mortality.  The idea of an "independent" person is laughably long gone.  How many women's studies professors are there that claim to be "independent women" but still suck from the government tit via their state-subsidized professorships?  How many "bankers and finance professionals" are there that only owe their careers to a bail out or FDIC over-regulation that mandates their job?  How many government employees have you heard COMPLAIN that they really don't do anything on the job?

This stupid, idiotic, idealistic nostalgia of the 1950's is long gone.  Nobody in America has the desire nor loyalty to adhere to some kind of over-arching purpose, or country, and are therefore completely and totally in it for themselves (consciously or not).  So stop being naive, stop being idealistic and just take the check when you can.

You must realize that the idiots that populate this society have voted in such societal rules.  And that they, in voting in such rules, have absolved yourself of any kind of responsibility you have to this nation or its people.  So stop being the sucker and start being the advtantager, because in the end all you will have managed to do

"working hard"

"being a good American"

yada yada yada 

is be the host for faux "American" parasites.

Enjoy the decline!

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