Wednesday, May 8, 2013

From 0 to Assault Charges in 30 seconds

In a previous post of mine I left out a lot of detail because the nature of the post required it. However, there was a sub-story of legitimate worth that would have detracted from the primary one and it is now that I wish to share this sub-story with you.

Without going into detail, my friend and I were at a downtown party.  This is one of those deals where they close off the street and in a municipal politician's Keynesian wet-dream attract tourists and locals to support the local economy.  I got wind of a salsa club half a block from the "sectioned off block" and then set off to find some dance partners for me and my buddy.

I approached I believe 5 different groups of girls/women with the honest and polite intention of merely scoring some dance partners.  However, one stood out because of the lightning speed at which the situation deteriorated to the point I knew to step back otherwise the law would get involved. 

At a distance they looked to be upper 20's maybe even early 30's.  But as I approached improved vision showed me they were younger 20's.  Already committed to the flight path I followed through and made my approach.

"Howdy!" I said, only to receive blank stares from the three girls that populated this group.

"Me and my buddy are looking for some dance partners.  Found a salsa joint just a block south of here and wondering if you girls would be interested."

Two of the three girls were silent, but the third (and prettiest) one spoke up with such an arrogant tone that it stirred an agitated darwinian response in my psyche.

"  I'm not interested in dancing with you."

I paused for what seemed to be an eternity, but (in hindsight) recouped probably lightning fast to this condescending response.

"Who says I'm asking you?" as I put my arm around her slightly overweight, but shy redhead friend.  "I'm asking the redhead."

The two silent girls were...well...silent.  But the blond, obviously insulted by my "game on" response, got angry.

"Nice try.  It's time for you to leave."

Somewhat angered myself I said, "What if they (referring to her two shy friends) want to dance?  We only need two, not you."

And that's when the situation really started to deteriorate.

"You better get out of here or I'll kick your ass."

And her face was serious.

It wasn't that I was intimidated by a dime-a-dozen cutesy 20 something girl, it was the audacity any woman (girl really) would threaten to kick my ass for what was a request to take her and her friends salsa dancing.

Again, it seemed like an eternity.

To recoup from the outlandishness I just got threatened by a 20 something child, and to assess the now rapidly escalating volatile situation, and to predict where the current path was taking us (me to jail, her to the plaintiff's desk)  and to concoct the precise words that needed saying, seemed to take forever.  But again in hindsight, it was lightning fast.

"Yeah, you and your 90 pound ass." as I then proceeded to look away and disengage.

This exchange transpired in what was no more than 30 seconds, but it was a very valuable 30 seconds that not only I learned from, but every young man should learn from as well.  A fair amount of American women have been brought up so spoiled, entitled, impolite and easily-offended, there is now a HUGE risk is merely approaching women.

I'm not saying not to approach.

I'm not saying not to make your play.

I am saying that girls today, with society spoiling them for every one of their 20 youthful years, can go from 0 to "Assault Charges" in literally under 30 seconds.  And you NEED TO CONSTANTLY ASSESS THE SITUATION and know when your innocent attempt to score a dance partner is RAPIDLY turning into an unwanted advance from a guy and thus an excuse to feed the "drama-queen monster" a reason to file a faux complaint of harassment to the local constable.

I hate to sound old, but this REALLY DIDN'T HAPPEN IN MY DAY.  At least the Gen X'er women would politely turn you down or just say no.  It never, once in my (probably) thousands of approaches deteriorated to the point so quickly that a violent event would have consequented in under 30 seconds.

But there is another lesson I want all of you to pull from this.

And it is not to brag, but to clearly paint the picture of what was really going on.

Me - salsa dancing, ballroom dancing, fossil hunting, economist who writes books, goes on great motorcycling escapades blah blah blah.

My buddy - millionaire pilot who lives DT St. Petersburg, can fly wherever he wants, whenever he wants, drives a luxury car, etc. etc.

Both - in great shape, financially better off than most, etc. etc. 

How much do you want to bet these girls in 15 years from now in their late 30's, early 40's are bitching and whining "where are all the good men" when there were two accomplished (by the veritable definition) men


Again, there are times where I wonder if maybe if we men are in the wrong, and our advice no longer applies, but it is instances like these that only reforge and reinforce there is a war on, and we didn't start it.

But by god and by damn we will finish it.

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