Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The 80/20 Rule for RELIABLE, Pretty Girls

Notice the emphasis on "reliable?"  I've written about it before, but an epiphany just dawned on me as I'm currently reading Roosh's "The Best of Roosh" and I think this epiphany holds water.

A common obseravtion or "belief" in the world o' men is that 20% of the men "trap" or "monopolize" 80% of the women.  This 80/20 rule is based on the theory that the majority of women (80%)want to date "up" and so the majority of women will only agree to date the minority (20%) of men, leaving the majority of men, womanless.  It is perhaps not a theory as I do recall a college study (that I cannot find right now)  where they lined up a group of male and female college students and found out the majority of men were willing to go out with the majority of women, but the women were much choosier, ONLY willing to settle for the top 20 or 25% of men.  Regardless, the point is one of "prohibition."  A minority of men essentially prohibit the majority of men from attracting women because the majority of women will only settle for the cream of the crop.

But as nature (or god or whatever you want to believe in) would have it, there is a built-in balance of powers giving no creature nor sex a true and absolute advantage over the other.  Enter in the attractive AND RELIABLE woman.

While the majority of college girls will only settle for the top minority of men, they do not realize that the majority of men will not settle for them.  Oh sure, they might go on a date, they may have a night of hey-hey-hey in the hay, but they will not marry them.  Not only because they don't want to, but polygamy is outlawed.  So mathematically one "top man" can only take out "one woman" and usually they're going to insist she's a top dame as well.  This still leaves the majority of women unattached.

However, while this game of attrition is happening, understand something else is happening.  A minority of women, perhaps with a little bit more foresight and maturity, are starting to size up potential marriage candidates.  And while they may like the top 20% of men, they are happy to settle for the next quintile of men in the 40-20% range who have perhaps maybe more to offer than ripped pecks.  Also other women maybe not the most beautiful of them are, are also thinking with a little foresight, snatching up the next quintile.  And before you know it the top three quintiles or 60% of men are off the market.

In short what is happening is the opposite.  A minority of women (20% ) are keeping a majority of men (80%) off the marriage market, prohibiting other women from accessing them.  How do these women do this?  Because they have one trait the majority of women don't have - they're reliable.

Understand good and great men are not going to settle for an average or poor woman.  Sure, we might date you, sure there's always the hey hey hey in the hay, but marriage?  Commitment?  Sorry, that requires adult maturity, responsibility, reliability, and truthfully the vast majority of women don't have that.  This gives that minority of women who DO have the combination of reliability AND attractiveness a HUGE advantage over their pretty, but flaky counterpart.

The girl who shows up reliably at the agreed-upon time is one step closer to capturing a guy long term.

The girl who makes dinner and doesn't spew some kind of feminist doctrine is one step closer to capturing a guy long term.

The girl who supports herself, pays her rent, and manages a positive net worth with no subsidy from daddy or the state is one step closer to capturing a guy long term.

And though anecdotal, my girlfriend, though not a 10, snatched me from the clutches of
  • a GM car model
  • a top notch salsa queen
  • a scorching hot (and equally promiscuous) Minnesota blond
  • and other various 9's and 10's
because the woman showed up on time, did what she said she was going to do, made me lasagna without me asking, and promptly obeyed when I told her to get dolled up in lingerie.

And thus, the 20% of reliable and pretty early bird women who display

adult behavior
and a HINT of selflessness

get 80% of the proverbial worm.

However, there is a flaw in this analogy as only ONE reliable and pretty woman can take out only ONE man on the marriage market.  THus it isn't so much an 80/20 rule as much as it is a pecking order.  A solid 7 or 8 who is on time and doesn't play games will find a quality man loooong before her drama queen entitled 9 or 10 does.  A solid 6 or 7 who doesn't flake on a date at the last minute will get a husband long before her mind-game playing 8 or 9 counterpart does.  And while these savvy and reliable women pick the best away from the 3rd and 2nd quintile of men, after a decade of pursuing the top 20% of men (but never getting one) the 80% of women now have to choose from the bottom 40%.

Ah, equilibrium.  What a wonderful natural concept.

Of course there's howls and whinings about "where have all the good men gone" and "why can't I find a maaaaaannnnn!?" but I, and most other guys, don't care.  Reliable, responsible and attractive women have already sniped us out of the market and now you can have whatever remains.  Just remember the time you shot down the guys who wanted to salsa dance.

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