Tuesday, May 14, 2013

That Paleo Study ...

A student, Eric Trexler, at Ohio State did a study on the paleo "lifestyle" for what appears to be an undergraduate honors thesis towards his degree in Exercise Science.  Here is the link to the full text:  Paleolithic Diet is Associated With Unfavorable Changes to Blood Lipids in Healthy Subjects.  So I thought I'd put up a quick blog with some thoughts, because a tweet is just a tweet and I've seen a few comments reading into my supposed motivations for tweeting this.  So ... let's discuss a bit and include some criticisms I've seen elsewhere on the web.

1.  It's not a peer reviewed article or a graduate thesis.  This is true so it hasn't undergone rigorous scrutiny, that shouldn't stop you or I from reviewing it ourselves and seeing if it provides any worthwhile information.

2.  The study is confounded with participation in CrossFit, yet results are attributed to the diet only ... at least this is what the title implies.   Since there is at least a sizeable subset for whom CrossFit and Paleo are synonymous with "being paleo" I might suggest that the "Paleolithic Diet" be replaced with "Popular Paleo Lifestyle".
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