Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nannies Aren't Mommies

From our British Agent in the Field:

Good morning Captain! I just had my 79th birthday, I am a woman born in England with ancestors who came from other places as well. I very much enjoyed your piece on children and would have written a comment but prefer to speak directly to you. I was brought up by a trained Nanny and in unusual circumstances, that is, a war which involved moving from place to place and living on the minimum amount. Nothing can be worse for the developing mind and soul than being put in a group of other children supposedly supervised by a woman with no personal interest in them. Many women can be good nursing mothers because nature and the hormones kick in here. Later one is in the absolute power of one person who is most often NOT INTERESTED AND SELF ABSORBED. I do not speak from experience here but from observation. I am an historian by training who was lucky enough to make a living as a librarian\archivist here in North America. Thanks to Vivien, my nurse/ nanny/ governess, a Methodist by the way, I was instructed in the basics of the Christian faith [I am now a convert to Catholicism] and a sane person [well, maybe], my sister owes her very life to this woman. Growiing up with adults dying all around one for something greater than themselves plus some knowledge of God gives one the core belief that it is all for a purpose. Well, enough! I could go on and on as my friends ofteen remark... Most important: Children are not here to be our slaves and playthings as you say.
Thank you!

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