Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Three Urinal Paradox

Warning - this is guy humor.  All complaints from women will be ignored.

Because of the average amount of traffic that goes into the average men's bathroom in a public place, more often than not you will find three urinals.


ONE of those urinals will be placed lower on the wall, obviously for young boys who cannot yet reach the adult male urinals (though a really good arching technique will work).  This results in the traditional set up of the "3 Urinal Bathroom"

There is, however, a design flaw in the 3 Urinal Bathroom.

If you walk in and ALL THREE urinals are available, which one do you choose?

100% of the time you will choose the one on the far left.


Because you are too manly to use the little boy's urinal and you don't want to be in the middle urinal in that it would force you to potentially stand next to another guy (and therefore be potentially construed as gay).  This leaves the left urinal as the most "manly" choice.

However, while this may absolve you of the decision, it presents the classical "Three Urinal Paradox" to the second man.  And every man in the world will at one point in their lives BE THAT SECOND MAN.

Since you have occupied the far left urinal, the second man gets a choice:

Be gay or

Be a little boy.

If he takes the middle urinal, he's obvious flaming gay.

But if he takes the far right urinal, he's obviously not a real man and is a little boy (maybe even a pedophile).

There is no third option, thus resulting in the paradox.

So men of the Capposphere, which one do you choose if the far left is occupied.

I know my answer.

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