Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Steve Driehaus Another BA Idiot

Steve Driehaus, a congressman who just lost his congressional seat is suing his opponent for "loss of standard of living."

Well Steve, when you're so damn stupid to get a BA and then an MA in "Public Administration" you, just like every one else, is shouting out to the world;

"I don't want to work a real job. I want to have a cushy government job or political career and tell other people what to do AND have other people pay for it."

You know no calculus.

You know no computer programming.

You know no accounting.

You know nothing.

You are a worthless human that has nothing to offer society or this economy.

And you know it. That's what's funny. You know that you can't support yourself, you can't be a real man, and so you must resort to suing people to get the money you need to support yourself. You could take your efforts and learn a skill or a trade and create something useful that society wants, but no, you're going to be an OWS spoiled brat and bitch and whine and hold your breathe till your face turns blue.

A question I ask my readers:

Is the "worthless degree" starting to show itself for the genuine threat that it is? And not only the genuine threat that it is, but how it can be used as an identifier as to who is not trustworthy to be in government, let alone any other position in the US bar a waiter at MacDonald's?

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