Sunday, October 23, 2011

No They Can't Take That Away From Me

Education, for all of its bubbly goodness, does have one advantage.

It isn't taxable and it cannot be confiscated.

I've often thought about this in that while I don't trust 401k plans or IRA's until there's a balanced budget, I try to find other investments that are not "confiscatable" or "taxable." Consumer items like bullets, booze, even cars are starting to provide more of a store of value than an investment, but education is also one of these "investments" that not only will maintain its value, but unless you convert it into earnings, it cannot be confiscated or repossessed. This allows you to mete out however much labor you wish to maintain however low a tax rate you want.

A point made more clearly here (replete with charty goodness).

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