Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Carbon Dioxide Sane-Asylum

Well folks, here in the NorthEast U.S.of.A we're having a snowstorm!  That's right!  This time last year I was getting in some last minute VitD sessions in the back yard, but as of now there's around 5" of snow here.  Global warming?  Ha!  Don't get me started on that fiasco!!  :-)

My 10' lilacs are bent over to the ground as they still have their leaves.  My big maple looks to be OK but weighted down.  I managed to bring quite a bit of wood up onto our covered deck and to the small pile nearby that's covered with a tarp before this started.  It's supposed to be in the mid 40's tomorrow so this should all be gone almost as quickly as it came.  I'm just hoping and praying that the one limb of a tree at the corner of our lot (that they didn't cut when they came around over the summer for every other leaner on the block despite this one leaning on the power lines) holds.  It's really leaning big time over the street with all it's leaves in their grandeur.   I've shoveled the walk once and will need to do it again when hubby is set to arrive home.  In my sneakers no less b/c winter boots?  Where are those?  Gloves?  But meantime the fire's roaring!  

Hope y'all folks in the general vicissitude stay safe and warm!  Happy Saturday :-)

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