Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Some Spiked Leptinade with My Science Krispies Please!

Well, Jimmy Moore is out with another installment of his crusade against "safe starches".  Yeah, I know, I know.  He's all about learning and helping people get to the truth, moving the debate forward constructively, and above all else protecting people from potentially bad advice such as that a major staple macronutrient for 99.99% of the human population for at least the past 10 millenia and more can actually be "safe".  Sorry, but I call things as I see them, baaayybee!   

It's another long piece, and I just can't stomach reading much of Jimmy's self-delusions anymore.  But I am interested in this whole notion that somehow we're all somewhere on a diabetic spectrum and our carb-induced post-prandial glucose spikes are lining our rat poison sprinkled paths to an early grave.  The post includes a long response by Dr. Ron Rosedale, pastor at the Church of the Not-Too-Late-in-the-Day Spiked Leptinade Drinkers.  

I'm going to address a few of the cited studies and Rosedale's basic claims.  (I'll be breaking this up in parts).  
The crux of the ‘safe starches’ argument is that no harm will come of this and it is, in fact, healthy. It is acknowledged that blood glucose will elevate after eating ‘safe starches’, but will generally stay below 140 mg/dl that Jaminet says is perfectly safe. Is it?? The science writing (below) is on the wall and the answer is…clearly no.
It is important to realize that this answer is no; there is no safe intake of sugar, nor a threshold level of blood sugar below which no harm will come, and I will shortly devote a fair amount of time to show this.

Now it would have been nice for Rosedale to include links to his science ... you know, just to make it a bit easier for the curious to go check out the studies in their entirety.  But by not doing so only those pesky blogger types like moi will likely bother. 
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