Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kill the Inner Beta Before He Kills You

Rollo writes a mandatory piece and I will simply add a related note here in that I think suicide is an under-addressed topic here in the Manosphere.  Additionally, I believe it is a genuine threat.  Manosphere readers are predisposed more than most to commit suicide, so allow me this dark and macabre lesson to help prevent it.

First, let me start off by saying that pretty much every male friend I have is NOT as happy as he was 5-6 years ago.  And the reason for this universal "less-happiness" is simply economic.  The economy sucks, and men have been disproportionately affected by this.

Bad economic times coinciding with higher rates of depression and suicide is nothing new, and certainly explains why most of the men in your life (as well as women) are down.  But there are some other factors here that explain why I believe men are more depressed, BEYOND what a bad economy should warrant, namely political

Second, not to get political, there is really no future for this country.

People often accuse me of being a pessimist, a party pooper, and a downer.

I'm none of the above.

I'm an economist and a realist who doesn't swallow BS like "hope and change" and doesn't vote for spectacularly incompetent men because they have nice pecks.  I instead spend HUNDREDS of hours every year pouring over data, charts, statistics and numbers.  I want facts, I want data.  I want reality.  I have more economic knowledge in a milligram of my ear wax that the entire democratic voting population does in all of their brains as they blow $6 every morning on Starbucks and never ponder how the electricity stays on or what happens when the sewers don't work because "Don't Trust the B in Apt 23" is on.

Therefore when I say something like, "the country has no future" infinitely-less-informed people's reaction should not be a dismissive,

"he's just a pessimist." 

Their reaction should be

"OH SH!T!  How bad is it?"  

Or, to analogize it another way, imagine I just came up from the bowels of the Titanic, all greasy and wet, blood running from my forehead, with a huge plumbing wrench in my hand as well as a panicked look on my face and said,

"We're going to sink!" 

And you all laugh, pat me on the head, and then re-direct you attention back to your Gibsons

Yeah, that's what it feels like.

Regardless, I'm not the only one paying attention to projections, forecasts and data.  Most other men in the Manosphere are too.  Maybe they're not the SAEG (TM) economist I am, but they know enough that 100% debt to GDP is "bad."  They know what a trillion dollars is, and they know spending $1 trillion more than what we take in is "bad."   And because they have this knowledge and are not blissfully ignorant like the galactically ignorant morons that put a fraud like Barack Obama in charge, they are further depressed because they know what's coming.  Economic stagnation at best, collapse if worse.  Regardless, no future.

Third, you throw in the whole feminism ruining women thing and taking away men's primary biological drive, but we've beat that horse to death.  I merely wanted to include it.

In the end, you put all this together you can see why a lot of them are depressed, a lot of them are down, and a lot of them may conclude suicide is the answer because there really isn't much to live for.

It would normally be at this point in the article I say,

"Don't do it!  There's so much to live for," 

but I can't.  My response is much more somber.  Not that I'm FOR suicide, but rather the reasons I'm going to give you to live are not pie in the sky fluffy bunnies type reasons people normally give suicidal people to live, but the  stone cold real world reasons you should live.

First,  "There's so much to live for" in today's economic environment is an outright lie.  You have had your economic future taken away from you.  You've have your financial future taken away from you.  Your career taken away from you.  Your family (likely) taken away from you.  Your whole life has been taken away from you.  WORSE STILL if you were led to believe this was the greatest country and you could do anything, the heights from which you crashed down from were much higher and much more painful upon landing.

So if you're to the point you're kicking around suicide, chances are you REALLY DO have nothing to live for.  I believe you.

But (and here's the kicker) you have no compelling reason to die either.

Say life is really bad.  Really, really bad.  You have no reason to live.

Well join the club.

You're certianly not alone.  It's not like there aren't 100 million American adult males who aren't in your same situation.  Just because you don't have anything to live for BASED ON TRADITIONAL DEFINITIONS OF WHAT YOU SHOULD LIVE FOR doesn't mean there isn't stuff you can't do.

So you don't have a career.  That's just more free time.
So you don't have a family.  That's just more disposable income, freetime and a zero percent chance of getting divorced..
So the country is going down the toilet.  Collect a welfare check with no guilt and while you still can.

The solution is not to kill yourself.  The solution is to

1.  Forgive yourself and realize it is not your fault you don't have a future or life didn't turn out the way you hoped it would
2.  Change your mentality from what you "want" to what you "can get."  ie-realize the environment has changed and adapt to it mentally and physically (becuase you have no other choice).
3.  Live the rest of your days doing that while you have the opportunity to do it and make the best of it.

Second, at least change your environment before you try to commit suicide.  Go overseas, live overseas, do something.  Changing your environment will at least get you out of the environment where you thought it was hopeless.  Usually when people contemplate suicide it means they think it isn't worth living HERE in THIS PARTICULAR ENVIRONMENT.  So the least you can do before you off yourself is give a try at another life.  Stop paying your mortgage, amass as much money as you can, and leave.

Besides, what's the worst that can happen?  They "repossess" your house?  Your wife leaves you?  Your credit tanks and you can't find another job?  You were just considering suicide a couple minutes ago.

Third, there is so much to do and see on this planet.  My fossil hunting, mountain climbing, motorcycling, writing, ballroom dancing, tornado chasing is not by accident.  Like most men, I too was at the precipice one time of suicide.  Nothing serious, but the thought did enter my mind and my mind said, "well before we go, we gotta do all this stuff then" and boom, my life became much more interesting.  I abandoned my career and women as my primary motivators in life and pursued fun.  It was almost as if experiencing enough pain to think about suicide was a benefit because it put things in context and made me not just change my life for the better, but change my life so it fit into reality.

You too may as well go and do what you want.  Go to Italy, get into race car driving, eat ice cream, breed wiener dogs, whatever you want to do.  Because once you pull that trigger, it's not like you can go back and decide to start taking hang-gliding up as a hobby. 

Fourth, following along the same lines that suicide results in the worst option - death, that leaves you with pretty much EVERY option available on the table.  What I mean by this is things you wouldn't do if you knew you were going to live and suffer the consequences are NOW viable options.  Namely, criminal.  I am NOT ADVOCATING THIS, but philosophically merely pointing it out.  Specifically, since finances are one of the primary reasons for suicide, why not rob a bank and see if you can get away with it?  The alternative was death, so what the hey (though I wouldn't rob a bank because there actually isn't a lot of money there.  I'd recommend starting up a "green company" and getting a government loan as you pay yourself $2.5 million per year in salary with no intention of it being profitable.  It's totally legal, but it's still theft sanctioned by democrats, environmentalists and Obama cronies.  Make sure to throw a couple thousand towards Barack's campaign.)

So in short, yes, I know times are tough.  Yes I know some of you literally, veritably, actually have NO REAL reason to live.  But that is because you are genetically and socially programmed to view a very small handful of things as "reasons to live" - work, family, career all of which are under assault, if not, completely destroyed by now in the US.  You haven't opened your eyes wide enough to look and see there are other reasons.  Additionally, what else you got to do?  You in a rush to die?  Why not chill out and hang out with the living? Explore the world a little bit.  Collect a government check.  Adapt and abuse the socialism that's been shoved down your throat.  Avail yourself of all the freebies socailists have voted in. Accept the fact you can't get what you want, but can take what you can get.  Besides, as I said before, you can't come back.  So you might as well make the best of a decaying society here while you're here simply because you have no other choice.

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