Monday, October 29, 2012

An Aspiring Engineer Runs Into Progressive Credentialism

I remember being asked similar questions when I interviewed for jobs and internships.

"What extra cirricular activities do you engage in?"

I, truthfully engaged in none.  I was too busy studying all the time was that other thing I did...OH, THAT'S RIGHT!  I was WORKING FULL TIME AND GOING TO SCHOOL FULL TIME so I could put FREAKING FOOD on the table and PAY FOR MY FREAKING RENT.

I didn't have time to join the "Yeah for Us Self Esteem Diversity of Leftist CSR Puke Club" or the "Daddy's Paying My Way So I Can Hackey Sack All Day and Night Brigade," let alone the money to join the "Fratboydouche Hat on Backwards as We Pound Down $5 Shots Society."

So, lets see if we here in the Manosphere can help this kid out because lord knows it isn't going to be some HR priss asking him whether he join the right club or did the right thing.

Anybody got a job or a internship that would fit his qualifications?

On a related note, somebody sent this to me.  (warning, it's painful)

Now compare and contrast the post above by the college KID and the 40 year old HR professional.  The kid is talking about building electric cars while the "adult" is talking about binders.  Does a FREAKING YOU TUBE ON BINDERS!!!!

For advice!


Binders!!!  THis is the cutting edge  of Industrial Relations????

I'll go into this in much more detail since we have a lot of new readers, but for now kids, the lesson to learn is to avoid HR at all costs.  Find the hiring manager.  Go straight to him.

Also, remember THESE ARE THE PEOPLE screening your resume.  They are the FRONT LINES OF DEFENSE IN OUR LABOR MARKET, ensuring the highest quality of labor gets the job.  So if you DON'T get the job or an interview you are supremely qualified for, don't feel bad.  There's nothing wrong with you, it's HR.

Cripes, freaking binders.

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