Monday, January 28, 2013

Cumulative "Dating Debt"

Haley is correct in her analysis, but the problem many men are going to have is this sort of historical "trade deficit" and cumulative "dating debt" that has been amassed over the past two generations where women have clamored to be treated EXACTLY the same as men, but then want to hold onto old fashioned norms that financially benefit them.  The solution is in part what she recommends (cheap dates for the first few dates), but to also realize the money spent, however hypocritically, in the past is a sunk cost.  Men merely shoot themselves in the foot holding women up to the EXACT same standards as men, while we all know


women want to be women deep down inside.  Therefore it is wise to pay for the girl's meal or (better yet) drinks (while you let Poindexter and her beta orbiters pay for dinner and chocolates). 

However, if that nagging cumulative dating debt is still bothering you and you want retribution the solution is simple.  No second dates for feminists.  If the woman clamors about being a feminist and how independent she is (while you pick up the check) that is a small price to pay for vital information. She's not marriage material.  Simply don't ask her out for a second date and reserve your money for a woman that likes being a woman.  Time will extract its revenge in the long run.  And it will manifest itself primarily in the form of inaction and indifference on your part.

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