Thursday, January 31, 2013

Angelo Coppola comments on LLVLC blog

If Jimmy Moore ran an open and honest ship over at his blog, I would leave a respectful (as I always did) comment there in support of the comments Angelo Coppola of Humans Are Not Broken blog (and Latest in Paleo podcast ).

I guess since he invoked his name in his 10 Critical Issues The Paleo Community Must Address* Jimmy allowed Coppola to respond in what the astute observer would recognize as a rather critical manner.  

In his first response, Angelo corrected Jimmy that his blog has nothing to do with broken metabolisms and such, but then bravely went on to suggest some other things the community really needs to do.  I copy the relevant excerpts here because some of these have been discussed by yours truly numerous times, however flawed the delivery may appear to some in the audience.  I'll bullet point it for ease on the eyes:
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