Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bad Boys of the Bakken

Leave it to a feminist to cite a NYT article about women "feeeeeeeeling" not as safe, to make readers infer those nasty, dirty, disgusting boys are just a bunch of thugs and rapists in Williston...

when the empirical data shows Williston is safer and has less crime than the national average.

Oh, and how about we compare Williston to lefty utopias like;

New York
San Francisco

You know what keeps men from committing crimes?


Not government handouts.

Conservative states and cities have jobs, liberal states and cities have handouts.  Your Detroit utopia's are the places you have to worry about.  Not a bunch of cowboys out in the prairie too busy knocking out 16 hours work days of physical labor.

It is here I would go into a rant about how it's possible for children like Jez to even have the presence she does, especially with just outright false data/information, but then I remember that the country is full of idiots who want to be lied to and worrying about such matters is antithetical to Enjoying the Decline.

I'd just like to see the average 42 year old Jezebel reader with her "Masters in English" pull a salary akin to an 18 year old welder on the Bakken.

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