Friday, December 2, 2005

Teenage Suicide, Don't Do It

So only those of Generation X is going to get that one...because, like everybody knows "Teenage Suicide, Don't Do It" is the number one song on the air.

But for those of you a little older or younger, fret not, for it's not about the movie Heathers. But it is about suicide.

Not that I was in a particularly macabre mood, specifically looking for this data, but it just happened upon me; suicide rates by country.

Now what caught my eye is that the WHO ranked it by the MALE suicide rate, presumably because men commit the vast majority of suicides (you'll have to click on the chart to make it legible).
This alone is evidence to me that women drive men crazy, particularly in the former Soviet Union and socialist, developed European countries.

But curiosity got the best of me and so I re-ranked them based on the FEMALE suicide rate.

Somewhat of a correlation, Russian Federation and former Soveit Bloc countries there. As well as a good showing for the developed world in Europe.

And then curiosity got me again. If I really wanted to know which country the women were driven men the maddest, I should calculate the ratio of male suicides to female suicides, resulting in this;

Seems in Kuwait men and women drive each other equally mad while America's poor ranking further convinces me American women at the behest of Glamour Mag and Women's Studies Departments are the instigators in the majority of cases. But, good lord, stay the hell out of Belize gentlemen.

All this being said, suicide is a serious problem and it should not be made light of.

Dreadful etiquette. I apologize.

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