Monday, December 26, 2005

Fat Chicks

So tis the holiday season and what gets me is the hypocrisy of the women at my office.

All Fall the top two topics of coversation were;

1. "Oh, My GOD! Did you see what happened on Desperate Housewives?"

2. Points.

Now, at first, when I heard the ladies talking about "Points" I thought there was this outside chance they were referring to the Band of Brothers episode when the troops were determining whether they had earned enough points to go home.

Of course, I was foolish to think that it was anything as historically high-brow or relevant as this.

For it turned out that the "points' they were talking about were Jenny Craig points.

Girl 1 - "Oh my God! did you know how many points are in a Chipolte fajita's shell? 14!"

Girl 2 - "NO!!!!"

Girl 1 - "Yeah!"

Girl 2 - "Like OMG, no way!"

Meanwhile, I'm reading an article about how China finances our current account deficit, thereby keeping interest rates artifically low, thus arguably inflating our property prices, and all I can think is

"somebody get me a muzzle."

Anyway, so the ladies of the office are all on some diet kick. Seems everybody is dieting. And truth be known, there are some ladies who aren't just flabbing their gums. Several ladies have lost significant wieght (one woman 75 pounds, another 35) and thus I tip my hat to them.

But for the remaining 46 of them and all their hyperbole about points and dieting and working out, I can't buy it, for it has happened now on several occasions where they'll talk about how they wish they were skinnier, how they are watching their "points" and how they're working out, and I KID YOU NOT within 30 seconds they're stuffing their face with all the holiday candy and junk food laying around.

Which reminded me of a fancy chart I saw;

Happy Holidays

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