Friday, September 20, 2013

The Vascular Functions of Insulin

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Was having a discussion on FB about insulin this morning and while going through some blog posts this one popped up.  I find reading some old stuff interesting at times ... this is over 3 years old.  

If someone goes on a low carb diet and this manages their hyperglycemia, this is a classic example of treating symptoms while not addressing the cause of the problem which is pancreatic beta cell dysfunction, and in the case of the T2, coupled with hepatic insulin resistance.  

What low carb doesn't do is restore normal insulin secretion and signaling, and insulin plays many roles in the body beyond glucose transport.  For one, it also assists amino acid transport (and protein synthesis) which is why the IR often have elevated circulating levels of the most insulinogenic (e.g. insulin requiring) amino acids, the BCAAs.  

This post is a flashback of some of the other things insulin does.  Further it discusses the role of NEFA in all of this ... the forgotten biomarker I think most low carbers with whacky lipids should have measured as they are likely elevated.  
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