Saturday, September 14, 2013

11 Unexpected Health Hazards Of The Atkins Diet Besides Weight Gain

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Well, I don't know how many of my regular blog readers follow that Twitter update over there on the sidebar, or check me out on Facebook, but the past day or so has been quite interesting!  Apparently Jimmy Moore is very upset that anyone would dare to post anything other than a stevia coated endorsement of Cholesterol Clarity and he's marshaled the troops!   On Friday, within a matter of hours the number of reviews almost doubled because he was very upset that there were negative reviews there!  I guess sales aren't so hot so he needed his friends to post even more 5-star platitudes to drown out the few negatives.  More on that at some point....  But one of his fans seemed especially bothered that I might give the book a mere 2 stars (one more than the book itself deserves).  This would be Dr. Bill Wilson of The CARB Syndrome Project!  Most folks probably haven't heard of him, and they are probably better off keeping it that way.  Basically he believes that carbs scramble and fry your brains and I have now been diagnosed as being in the latter stages.  He wrote a post all about it.  He emailed me the link.  He linked to it in comments here.  He posted it on Facebook.  

In his keen diagnosis, and he reminds us he's been a doctor for 35 years now, Dr. Wilson cites (without linked attribution) two comments of mine, one of which came verbatim from this post, the other probably from a comment, but I mention insomnia here.  I've kept the post as is, but bolded in red the symptoms he cites.  Perhaps the good doctor should address Diane Sanfilippo, or any one of the other various and sundry low carb and/or paleo zombies out there suffering from insomnia and the ensuing fatigue ... due to their sugar detoxes!    Yes, doctor,  “I was fatigued from time to time from sleep deprivation as I had raging insomnia” ... WHEN I WAS LOW CARB.  Checking those off your list.  You're barking up the wrong tree for sure looking at me.
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