Saturday, June 1, 2013

Worthless Degree Awarness Month

I finally figured it out, and if you follow me on this, I think we might actually be able to do some good.

Today, I declare June to be "Worthless Degree Awareness Month."

It may sound funny, but it really is no laughing matter.  The single worst thing we do to our young kids is cripple them financially for the rest of their lives by telling them to waste 4-8 years of their youth and anywhere between $50,000-$150,000 on worthless degrees.  Economically, the education bubble is on par with the housing bubble, but this time it is within our own control to stop it.

Since most kids graduate from high school during early June, it's the perfect time to "raise awareness" (I always wanted to use that vile phrase for something that's actually good, legit and noble) about the threats and dangers of majoring in a worthless field.

All we have to do is get the word out there.

Got a blog?  Start linking and citing articles about worthless degrees.
Got a child or a family member?  Sit down and have a chat with them.
Got a PTA group you know?  Have someone come speak to them.
And as always if you don't know how to broach the subject with your children, buying them a copy of "Worthless" is definitely a diplomatic and caring way to tell them about the economic realities of choosing a good degree.

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