Friday, July 31, 2009

The Captain is Victorious - Update

This is an update. You will see pictures below:

A very Professor Farnsworth "good news" all fellow junior, deputy, aspiring, official and otherwise economists!

Today I finished a 20 mile hike in the Elk Wilderness area of the Black Hills. Hiked from Sylvan Lake to Horsethief Lake, then back up a tortuously long hike, plagued with poison ivy and switch backs that would make Currie Hill look like a cake walk (and no, I'm not joking).

Total time was 7 hours and 38 minutes.

However, even this feat is dwarfed to a microscopic level as to what happened yesterday.

Your Captain found (to his best estimation mind you) a fully intact dinosaur fossil.

The jaw bone, replete with two teeth, was found protruding from a cliff side in one of my many long hikes. Based on the way the fossil is protruding, it suggests the neck and rest of the body is still in the side of the cliff, ready for complete excavation.

I know this seems "nerdy" to most normal people, but a find this good is quite rare. Soon you will see me in "Amateur Fossil Hunter Quarterly" being fawned over by fossil hunting babe groupies (totally true, they totally exist!)

In any case, I am currently trying to find out what government agency I report this to, but will keep all of those interested updated.

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