Saturday, July 25, 2009

Henry Gates

Richard, is a young black friend of mine.

I call him black because he is too proud, too upstanding, and just too damn much of a man to suffer the politically correct term of "African American."

He is like Lawrence, a common caller to my radio show of yore who happened to be black too, and he was proud of it. He, on my show, adamantly insisted he was not an "African American" but was a damn proud black man. God bless him.

In either case, both men stood on their own ground based on their own accomplishments and gave TRUE, GENUINE pride and honor to those who call themselves black.

But this schmuck, is just that, a schmuck. And though I know that I risk being called a racist, and that my black friends risk being called an "Uncle Tom" we all agree that this Henry Gates Jr is the epitome of schumkiness. Not because he's acting like an ass. Not because he's acting like a hypersensitive putz looking for the next excuse to claim victimhood like the "Reverends" Hackson and Sharpton. But because he disgraces those true and honorable people who happen to have the same hue/pigmentation of skin that he does, but share nothing of his cowardly and childishly morality.

I have said it before and I will say it again.

I befriend all people of all stipes and the reason you're my friend has nothing to do with the color of your skin or your ethnicity, but your quality and caliber of your person. And this putz, this vermin that falsely postures himself as a "representative" of black people while acting like a complete ass only belies the fact he's in it for himself and nothing as noble as bring about true and genuine progress to those of different colors.

It's also a damn good reason not to send your kids to Harvard, let alone hire any idiotic worthless Blue Blood moron that came from that decrepit school.

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