Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obama Soccer Moms

I drive a lot and the reason I drive a lot is that I teach a lot of dance classes. I know pretty much every gas station in between Cambridge, Minnesota to the far north and Mankato, Minnesota to the far south. But what I've seen more and more of is the Obama Soccer mom.

Let me explain.

At least once a week I see a 30 something mom. She has her children in the car with her. They are toddlers and thus have car seats as well as their mom hovering over them, trying to maintain order and avoid chaos as she tries to pump gas into her Subaru Forrester or some kind of SUV.

On the car though is invariably an Obama/Biden sticker.

Now I've made this chart before, but I think it behooves reshowing because it proves something Joe Soucheray always says;

Leftists/liberals can't link.

What this basically means is that when a leftist makes a decision, they cannot follow the chain of events that decision will trigger. They cannot see what the ramifications and consequences are of their actions. And what the chart above shows is how much new federal government debt has been saddled on each individual American.

And this is the point I am trying to make. These Obama Soccer Moms have NO CLUE what they've just done to their children. Not a clue. Be it ignorance about government finances, be it they're just suppose to stay at home and bring up the kids, but leave the finances to daddy, or they're too busy dreaming about the Magic Obama Unicorn Obama's promised to give them with the Obama Unicorn program, this particular Obama Soccer Mom has no clue she's just indebted her 3 children to the tune of $60,000.

Now I know, I know, she didn't "mean" to enslave her children to the government's debt, just like teenage mothers didn't mean to bring an innocent child into a life of abject poverty, but for once could I admit a bit of economic shadenfreude and say it's good to see people having to pay the price for having "good intentions" with no desire to have the intellectual rigor to see if those intentions are achievable, let alone adult?

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