Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We Want to Become Socialist

I'll try to make this quick and succinct as possible, but it is a thought or an epiphany I just had, so bear with me if it isn't too clear.

I listen to talk radio obviously and as of recent the tone of various talk show hosts, be they Rush Limbaugh, Jason Lewis, Mark Levine, and Michael Savage, etc., is one of frustration, almost defeatism or hopelessness. They see the likes of Nancy Pelosi do nothing short of lie to the face of the American people and blame high gas prices on the Republicans and Bush, while at the same time blocking any legislation that would lift the ban on drilling in ANWR or offshore, and worse still the American people believe her. They see the likes of Californian coo-koos passing legislation to ban fast food restaurants with goes against every bit of freedom and choice that is a founding principle of America. They see Bush sign the subprime slime deadbeat bank bailout which abandons any sense of responsibility. And probably the most depressing thing of all is Barack Obama, who literally stands for nothing, is most likely going to be our next (and first socialist) president.

And what I'd like to try to point out to them, and for those of you who are also frustrated with this, is that we seem to forget that this is ultimately a democracy. While we listen to talk radio, and we have empirical proof capitalism works, and we have history on our side and know, NOT "feel", but KNOW we are right, we have to understand that too high a percentage of Americans do not think this way. A critical mass (arguably the majority) of Americans no longer believe in freedom, self-reliance, capitalism, profit, manliness, competition, "nuclear" families, and everything else that is quintessentially American.

A perfect example happened right here in Minnesota. At one of our theme parks a group of teenage punks copped a feel of a 12 year old girl, which then sent her father into a rage, which then begat an unfair fight where these 8 punks then proceeded to beat him so severely he was sent to the hospital.

Now if it was 1945, people would have intervened and kicked the crap out of the 8 punks and given no thought to law suits or liability. But instead, people just sat there and watched and did nothing. Not because they didn't want to. Not because they didn't want to do the right thing. Not because they didn't want to do the American thing. But because a bunch of socialist lawyers have made it too risky to intervene and thus society, and Americanism, suffers.

Regardless, my whole point is that instead of banging our heads against the wall, and yelling pointlessly into the wind, we may have to admit that this is still a democracy for better or worse, and if the people want socialism, then the people will get socialism.

I like it no more than you. And I'm not saying that you still don't fight the good fight. But we have to realize that we can apply all the logic and empirical evidence we want to help support our case, but it will fall on deaf ears as socialism is not founded in reality. That's the only way socialism can work. That you convince enough sheeple they don't have to work to eat. They're poor not because they produce nothing, but because they are from disadvantaged group "x." Or some preppy Amercrombie and Fitch Harvard elitist fools people that he will bring them "hope and change" and everything will be chocolates and kittens thereafter.

People don't choose socialism because they think it will work, they choose it because they want it to work. And that, unfortunately my friends, is what the majority of what I will call "Pseudo-Americans" want today.

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