Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another Reason AlQaeda is Failing

Presumably the goal of childish little men running around the desert subscribing to a literalist interpretation of an archaic scribe to make themselves feel important was to bring down the mighty west, particularly, America. And while they did manage to kill 3,000 people in two fell swoops, the overall results are, frankly, not in their favor.

For while they had an immediate and initial success, over the next few years, all they managed to do was kill their fellow countrymen in a spate of suicide bombings.

I do not wish to hear from the BAF (blame America first crowd) because if 9-11 never happened, I doubt we would have gone into Iraq, but I do wish to point out that basically Al Qaeda has more or less caused the opposite effect they were intending because, well frankly, they're disgusting evil people that nobody, even Muslims in the Mideast, don't like. And particularly so, since it's primarily been Muslims in the Mideast getting killed by all the terrorist attacks, and three times as many as in America.

If anything, this is a call for moderate Muslims to start fighting back and cause a reformation within the Islamic faith. I have no skin in the game one way or another as I largely detest all religions, but if you're going to go and get yourselves killed over something, you might want to purge from your ranks the radical nutjobs blowing up your fellow countrymen in the process.

I would also like to point out that, despite what brainwashed, non-thinking liberals would say, these charts are empirical proof of George Bush's success and why history will treat him kindly. Even I don't like GW that much, but you cannot deny (though some will concoct conspiracy theories as to why they might) George Bush has succeeded on the war on terror.

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