Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm Sure It's Just a Coinky Dink

But Obama is a socialist afterall, and bar the Hitler posters, I would say there are similarities in not only the posters, but the ideologies as well.

Does anybody hate Che as much as me while we're on the topic? How somebody who was a murderer and basically a deadbeat loser could attain such cult status from people who really don't know about the man but fall in love with his "rebel" like status? I mean Captain Jack Sparrow, now he was a rebel. Han Solo, he was a rebel. Ronald Reagan, he was a rebel. And rebels that fought for good and brought about a reduction in poverty only Che and his economically impotent socialist counterparts could only dream on.

Perhaps it shows the intellect of Obama supporters as there's a persistent occurrence of Che images in his campaign; they don't know what he stands for, just that he's "hot" and a glamorous "rebel." Young foolish puppy-love with no maturity, wisdom or adulthood going into their decision to choose who will be the leader of the free world...or at least the free world for now.

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