Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Captain's Pad O' Commerce

So I spend the better part of 7 months writing the book (due out in 3 weeks, please be patient) and it's kind of weird in that you are working, working, working and then all of the sudden, BOOM!


You wake up and your schedule is completely open. No writing, no editing, no chart-making. Nothing.

And it takes a little bit to adapt to. Reminds me a lot of college where I worked full time and went to school full time, but since my job was a college job, once I graduated, I couldn't have my college job anymore. Went from about 90 hours per week to 0 in one day.

Regardless, economists of the capitalist type get ancy laying around all day because the never ending urge to produce GDP calls. Relentlessly it calls, "Yoooouuuu must contribute to GDP!!! You must produce something of worth!!!!! You must create wealth and advance society."

So while I sit here and wait for the publisher to put the finishing touches on the book, I decided to embark on a little side project and put together those shirts I was always talking about;

The "I Contribute to GDP" shirts!

In any case, click here on this link to go to the Captain's Pad O' Commerce and if you are so inclined buy yourself one of these sharp shirts (and in part helping contribute to GDP yourself!) Also feel free to forward the link to anybody else that might be interested. Out of pure intellectual curiosity, I’d be interested to see just how far this thing might get forwarded… plus, now wouldn’t that be sweet if I became a millionaire over something like a shirt?

Regardless, there are two options; the text on the front of the shirt and the text on the back. I don't know why the text on the back shirt is more expensive than the front one, but I created both in case you are really adamant about having it on the back. And should you buy one, I promise all funds will go to the Captain's "Spending All My Money On Me Fund."

Does a more noble capitalistic cause exist?

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