Monday, December 21, 2009

The Joe Arpaio Jail Experience (by Guest Blogger Michael)

Michael served in the United States Marine Corps for four years, and then went through the San Diego Police Academy. 

This is just a tale of a 24-hour stint. Luckily for me the prosecution lacked intelligent organization and I had one of the state’s best attorneys, Jeffrey Mehrens.

First off, I was arrested in my front yard for drunk driving. The police report was one big construed lie from the initial arrest, and then, after I lost my cool, and called the arresting officer a "candy ass," and said that he was too fat to be a cop, I ended up at the Madison Street jail, lost in the system

It took thirteen hours to process me. I was bounced to twelve different cells. From extreme cold to heat. From sitting room to standing room only.

Then there was a bus ride over to the tent side. From the tent side, it took about four hours of more processing. I was transferred to two cells and to finally make it to Tent City at 3am. The temperature was about 47 to 43 degrees for the three and half hour stay. They gave us one sheet, because they were out and we literally froze our asses off. The tents were well equipped with the Arpaio vending machines - use at your own risk of course - and a restroom facility that was soaked in urine. There was a hill, and for some reason the female guard had to say, “Get off the hill! It is not a hang out!” for what seemed like ever half hour.

As   The sun was coming up, they transferred us to Lower Buckeye jail with a nice little nature walk. I was inserted into the we-are-kicking-you-out-of-Tent-City process. Here we - a team of six of us that traveled the entire process and for the most part landed in the same cells - eventually made it out, after being put in four more cells, with again only standing room or sitting room depending on the cell.  

        We received one meal and no drinks. Two pieces of bread, a chunk of sandwich meet, some cookies and a fruit that wasn’t even close to being ripe. The water was broken in one of our cells that we ended up staying in for four hours in, however the hot water worked, but again it was too hot! I had one thin sheet for 45 degree weather.

        Sheriff Joe Arpaio's deputies for the most part were rejects of the military, for they all lacked social skills and humane manners with the exception of one female that I encountered.

·       I paid good money for that tour, $500 to be exact, and saw how living conditions in the United States could be so inhumane. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has made it clear that the only way to educate our society is through negative reinforcement.

On another note, this is big business for Arizona. Take for example, there were two teams that went in, the 8am and 10am teams with a combined number of eleven people. I estimate that the jail received $20,900 in a one day period for us eleven, and on the weekends you can quadruple that amount, let's say $83,600. So, the DUI revenue [revenue from drunk drivers] for the Arpaio Jail Experience is about $271,700 dollars for one week, or $14,128,400 a year roughly!

$14 million for one year plus all the mandotary interlock devices and the large sums of money these companies make. Perhaps these companies are owned by one larger company? Does Arpaio own stock in them, or is he a private partner that is rewarded? 

So, my final word regarding the Arpaio Jail Experience: is it really a wonder that there are DUI check points all over our city, and almost every vehicle after midnight is tagged a potential DUI? I have had five friends in five months get a DUI this year. There are billboards all over the city, of drinking advertisements, yet there is no positive transportation assistance to help prevent the DUI experience, none that are reasonable in price that I am aware of.

My wishes go out to all of those that are stuck in the cycle of this corrupt system of illegitimate punishment, to all those who are not fortunate to have attorneys or any insight in representation and civil rights—for you truly suffer from this system of deception.

I spent time in jails around the country for raising a little hell, and I must say Arizona is the worst system! If you want a fair trial, I bid you luck! 

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Shaun P. Attwood

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