Saturday, October 20, 2007

For the French Protestors

I made this post quite some time ago when the students protested the French government passing legislation that their students pay for their own lives. Given the resurgence of protests because (OH GASP) the French taxpayers shouldn't pay for livelong retirement for lazy government workers, I thought it apprapoe to remind them of their own idiocy.

Are you a hard-working business owner looking to expand overseas?

Looking to tap that lucrative Euro market and it's potential 500 million customers?

Do you need labor that is not only loyal, but highly trained and skilled?



Yes, France, where the future hard-working leaders and workers of France pummel journalists for their camera.


Where future workers know how vital it is for an economy to distribute goods, services, products and labor efficiently


Where your future employees will hurl crap at you


Where the youth are trained to be mature, respectable representatives of your company

Don't go to other countries where their labor is so predictable and cheap.

Go to where all spoiled brat American girls who have not a freaking clue as to how the real world works and people with not the slightest ounce of economic sense want to go!


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