Friday, April 15, 2005

Ode to Tax Season

Figured I'd have to repost this on Tax Day! Rememeber to forward it to all your friends and have everybody click on links so that I may retire early and never work again.

Some get a refund
Some get to pay in
When the governments take a third

Only liberals find it no sin
As a capitalist
How can I win?

When it is tax season?

If you are leftist
And you hate the rich,
I suggest you keep quiet,
I suggest you not bitch
For the bulk of the work
And taxes they have pitched

For the rich pay the most when it’s tax season.

Where does it go?

Where has it gone?

With corporate taxes so high

You wonder why US companies have said “so long”
You ignorant leftists
Quit it with your wealth redistribution song

For corporations and employers will move to avoid tax season.

Mortgage the future.

Pass on the buck.

Are you in Gen X?
Well I guess that’s tough luck.
For you yongsters will find out shortly that indeed;

When you pay for other people’s Medicare, Medicare, Welfare, Social Security, education and $2 trillion worth of other social spending when it’s tax season!

Wishing you and yours a Very Captain Capitalism Tax Season!

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