Saturday, December 14, 2013

The NBA and Dr. Cate ... Who knew? I'm a Paleo Low Carber!!

I have decided to adopt the paleo template.  As anyone who reads this blog knows, just about any diet that doesn't involve dining with Marie (Callender), Debbie (comma Little), Ronald (McDonald) and Wendy can and will be *fit* into the paleo template!  Let's see there's:
  • WAPF:  Eh, nevermind the sprouted grains and dairy of all manner, we're all on the same team.
  • Vegan:  Well ... it is real food.  We can always try to convert them.
  • Atkins:  What's a Quest Bar between friends?  Swap the Splenda for Stevia and we've got a deal.
  • Zone:  The cause of every eating disorder including potentially Evander Holyfield according to the paleorati, but Sears cites Eaton so there's that.
  • Mediterranean:  Well that's just really paleo low carb right?
  • The Tequila Diet:  It IS paleo.  STFU!
  • Perfect Health Diet:  Grok sooooo ate white rice and coconut oil!
  • Carb Nite?:  Shhhhhhh he didn't really mean to front load junk food during your back loading.  
  • Gluten Free?:  Well that's paleo
  • Sugar Free?:  Well that's paleo
  • Wheat Belly?:  He's not paleo but he's still recovering from Grain Brain
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