Saturday, November 16, 2013

Just a quick post ...

I don't usually fall off the blogging planet with no new real content here for two weeks without some sort of notice.  Sorry about that!  I've been about social media somewhat, but far less of that too.  Here's why:

1.  I have a project in the works that requires my dedication and is actually working off of recent discussions here on sugar/food addiction.  So ... sorry ... but that is going to get dropped like a hot potato, which was not my intent at all, it's just how this unfolded.  It will be a while before anything on that becomes public I presume.

2.  I went away for a short getaway.

3.  I have been sick this past week like I don't remember ever being ... or it's just been that long!  On my way home from work on Wednesday, after maxing my limit on hot tea therapy for a nagging cough and having chills, I actually had to stop to get soup at a pizza place and stop twice on the rest of the ride home to have some more!  I have been in bed/on couch most of the past 2+ days ... sleeping most of the time.  

4.  Feeling a bit better yesterday I did try to finish up the blog post I started earlier in the week ... it's a mess b/c I should have finished off the old one I never published and written on the related topic in a new post.  Too late now.  Maybe that gets finished today, maybe next week.  Who knows.  Maybe I turn it back into two posts after all ;-)

So ...

Yes, I will be blogging.  Just less frequently, I presume, for the near future.   In the meantime, if you've stumbled on this blog or even if you've been around a while, if there's a topic you are interested in but can't seem to find if I've written on it, please do ask in the comments here and I'll do my best to direct you to content.  

Thanks for your patience!

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