Friday, August 16, 2013

A note about comments ...

Last week, or so, there was an issue with a comment that had never shown in my moderation queue jumping back and forth.  It said awaiting moderation when I viewed the post here, then I saw it in Pending, then I'd approve it.  All was well then it jumped back.  Then I whitelisted the ID ... In the end I think it eventually "stuck" ... I think.

For most of the time I've been using Disqus, using the Disqus dashboard has been a mixed blessing.  While new comment notifications appear (sweet!) when I am reading comments on the blog, they do not appear "real time" on the dashboard (not so sweet!)    Therefore I'm left to have to refresh the dashboard from time to time.  Which is OK, but it does not alway refresh properly.

And then there's Feedly which I am using to replace my sorely missed Google Reader.  Perhaps it's time to look for other options there.  I don't like it all that much on its own, but its interaction with Disqus is rather spotty.  I won't see comments sometimes for like 12 hours!  Not good.

Which leaves me with email notifications or Blogger's dashboard.  I do try to check the email and I have notices pop-up, but I have enough clutter in the email as it is so I'd prefer not to go that route.  I used it for a while where you could moderate by email by replying "Approve" and all that.  Eh ... it's glitchy as well.

So I guess this is a long winded way of letting you know that managing Disqus comments has been frustrating to say the least of late and I've probably missed out on replying to more than a few.  Maybe Disqus expanded too quickly.  Maybe they'll work out the bugs.  I hope so, but Disqus has rendered the Blogger feed (preferable for the "latest comments" widget) useless from Anonymous spam.  I think I'll stick with Disqus as on the balance it is preferable to shutting down the doors when a bout of Razwell virus hits, and other plusses.  But it would be nice if it weren't so glitchy ...

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